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In Noski Consulting we head the future in two ways:

1.    Adopting today the technological and creative solutions of tomorrow. Noski takes advantage of the growing changes of the Tourist Industry by means of a continuous process of investigation, documentation and use of the latest technologies

2.    Training the new tourism professionals. Because technology does not supply the human factor, we provide high level coaching services so that the tourism professionals can manage every challenge in a safe and efficient way.

Our services in this area include:

1)    Coaching and human resources improvement on tourism
2)    Programs, manuals and courses on specific tourism matters
3)    Training programs for Universities and Educational Institutions
4)    Organization of conferences, forums and seminars
5)    Training on web 2.0, social media and the internet for Tourist Destination Managers
6)    Design and Management of Communication for Tourism Institutions and Enterprises on the Web
7)    Tourist-security computer systems
8)    Tourist Georeferencing Systems

Innovación, TICs y formación

Noski Consulting Tour, en su proceso de investigación, mejora e innovación continua, se adapta a los nuevos tiempos y ofrece sus servicios incorporando permanentemente nuevas tecnologías, especialmente en el ámbito de las denominadas tecnologías de la información y comunicación (TIC-s), aplicadas a trabajos de marketing, planificación y gestión turística:

- Sistemas de georreferenciación turística en Google Earth

- Sistemas informáticos de Seguridad Turística

- Marketing y comunicación turística en Internet así como en la Web 2.0 y sus diferentes Medios Sociales (YouTube, Redes Sociales, Blogs, etc.)

- Formación sobre las aplicaciones de la Web 2.0 al Turismo.

- Etc.

Las nuevas herramientas tecnológicas abren un amplio abanico de oportunidades en materia de gestión de destinos, comunicación turística, fidelización o atención al cliente entre otros. Procesos a menudo intangibles en los que el conocimiento y el saber hacer adquieren una relevancia extraordinaria en la competitividad de los mismos.

Por ello, la capacitación y la mejora de los recursos humanos constituyen en Noski Consulting Tour un área de gran valor en nuestra oferta de servicios. Noski Consulting Tour está presente en programas formativos de diversas universidades españolas y extranjeras, además de diseñar programas y manuales formativos específicos tanto para empresas privadas como para instituciones públicas.


Tourist planning

In Noski Consulting we develop plans such as exhaustive studies in context, strategies and operative programs in substantial collaboration with our clients, because for us planning is to anticipate the events and to trace the way we are going to reach our goals.

Our comprehensive offer includes the execution of these plans we look after the implantation and strengthening of the Tourist Boards or structures proposed and their management.

We consider the services we provide to be an economic locomotive ruled by two premises: sustainability and transversality. Sustainability because tourist activity is a tool for prosecuting a maximum respect for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the tourist destinations; transversality because it is as vehicle of consensus among the different agents (tourist and not tourist) that intervenes in the tourist reality of every destination.

Our services in this area include:

1)    Master Plan for promoting and developing  tourism, oriented to products and destinations
2)    Studies, analysis and diagnosis of every situation
3)    Surveys on the economic effects of the tourist activity and feasibility plans
4)    Advice for tourist destination managers
5)    Management of Tourist Destinations (Tourist Offices, infrastructures and resources, Public and Private Tourism Institutions, Outsourcing…)




In Noski Consulting we think that what is not told does not exist. So reaching people is as important as having an attractive destination, an exceptional product or a high quality service. We count on the technical and human resources to analyse the trends of the tourism markets thus offering answers adapted to every client and aiming to convince potential tourists and to keep them loyal.

We gauge the tourism industry and we make studies and marketing plans, we analyse the characteristics of the tourist offer and identify the demands. We organize events and communication and promotional campaigns

Our services in this area include:

1)    Tourism Marketing Plan
2)    Assessment for the creation and positioning of Tourist Brands
3)    Market studies and commercial analysis
4)    Creation, organization and events production, fairs, presentations, workshops, etc.

5)    Marketing 2.0 and e-mail marketing



Tourism risk management / Blog

The travel industry cannot disregard natural disasters, crime or risks affecting its interests, that is the reason why in Noski Consulting we offer tailor-made solutions.

When the structures are weak and there is a lack of services, poor infrastructures and scarce regulations, we search for real and personalized answers for Tourism Destination Managers so that tourists feel safe in that destination. We are specialized in advising both private and public institutions on measures to be taken in case of situations of general crisis or punctual circumstances.

Our services in this area include:

1)    Tourist Risk Management Systems to prevent deficiencies in matters such as services, infrastructures, laws, industry structures, etc.
2)    Training and legal advice
3)    Analysis and studies on Tourism risk management
4)    Organization of Conferences, forums, workshops and congresses
5)    Management and communication in situations of crisis

Iñaki Garmendia, CEO at Noski Consulting with more than 30 years experience in tourism consultancy, deals with theoretical and relevant topics related to tourism risk management in the blog TOURISM AND RISK.


Knowledge and experience


Noski Consulting Tour was founded in 1999 in Euskadi aiming to provide a wide range of consultancy and assessment services to the tourism sector, which is specially interconnected, technified and dynamic.

Our work methodology is settled on a wide experience and a global vision looking for the best tailor-made solutions taking care of every detail. We work with strategical concepts as synergy development among different sectors, vertical and horizontal relationships, search for leadership and technologic innovation.

Our professionals are specialized in marketing, planning, quality, training, new technologies, research, and sustainability and we cover the most outstanding areas in this sector: culture, finances, mass tourism, environmental tourism... We are affiliate members of:


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