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Tourism risk management / Blog

The travel industry cannot disregard natural disasters, crime or risks affecting its interests, that is the reason why in Noski Consulting we offer tailor-made solutions.

When the structures are weak and there is a lack of services, poor infrastructures and scarce regulations, we search for real and personalized answers for Tourism Destination Managers so that tourists feel safe in that destination. We are specialized in advising both private and public institutions on measures to be taken in case of situations of general crisis or punctual circumstances.

Our services in this area include:

1)    Tourist Risk Management Systems to prevent deficiencies in matters such as services, infrastructures, laws, industry structures, etc.
2)    Training and legal advice
3)    Analysis and studies on Tourism risk management
4)    Organization of Conferences, forums, workshops and congresses
5)    Management and communication in situations of crisis

Iñaki Garmendia, CEO at Noski Consulting with more than 30 years experience in tourism consultancy, deals with theoretical and relevant topics related to tourism risk management in the blog TOURISM AND RISK.


Knowledge and experience


Noski Consulting Tour was founded in 1999 in Euskadi aiming to provide a wide range of consultancy and assessment services to the tourism sector, which is specially interconnected, technified and dynamic.

Our work methodology is settled on a wide experience and a global vision looking for the best tailor-made solutions taking care of every detail. We work with strategical concepts as synergy development among different sectors, vertical and horizontal relationships, search for leadership and technologic innovation.

Our professionals are specialized in marketing, planning, quality, training, new technologies, research, and sustainability and we cover the most outstanding areas in this sector: culture, finances, mass tourism, environmental tourism... We are affiliate members of:


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